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Sencha Touch 2.3 – Orientationchange event does not fire on Viewport

There’s a bug on sencha 2.3 about event orientationChange of viewport This event isn’t fired: a workaround for this is to create a subcription on app launch Ext.Viewport.bodyElement.on(‘resize’, Ext.emptyFn, this, { buffer: 1});         Annunci

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Sencha Touch – Remove android toolbar

At default sencha cmd compile app with android toolbar! To remove it, you must add this attribute to AndroidManifest.xml in folder ..\Sencha\Cmd\xxxcmd_versionxxx\stbuild\st-res\android   Result: Source:

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Sencha Command – Java Heap

My sencha cmd create me some problems on compilation because it can’t take enough memory! The building show an error about java heap space after a stop of some minutes. So.. to increase it, you open sencha.cfg in ..\Sencha\Cmd\xxxVersionxxx\ search

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Html text overflow!

I have to delimitate the overflow text in a html: I’m happy to know that a css class is enought to accomplish that! This link explains the text-overflow css property! Opera usees a different property

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Ext Field: Change value without firing events!

To change a value of a Ext field without firing events it’s enough suspend events, do the action and reactive the events!

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Android device manager

Finally google added a method to allow to track down a device registered on our profile! Now, not only Apple users can find their iPhone (by Find my IPhone feature), infact google introduced Android device manager about a month ago! To access it open

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Sencha touch – manage ajax error

I’m developing a sencha touch app and I need to manage errors of every ajax call! The most simple solution consist of subscribe to every call and manage response but it’s very repetitive and I don’t like it! The solution

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